How I started being a tipster and how you can beat the bookies

Tom's top horse racing tips

Since my very first birthday, where I was brought to Lingfield racecourse with my family being pushed around in my pram, I have always been involved with horses. My family also have a couple of racehorses and I just love going to cheer them on. I got my first pony when I was five and I used to compete in all the pony club competitions and go to the summer camps which was great fun. I then grew out of this and started playing football for my local club during secondary school. Then over the last couple of years my interest in horse racing has become more extreme and I have realised it is my passion and I have decided this is the area I want to work in and feel being a tipster is my best attribute. I always joke with my family saying I was socially conditioned into horse racing and the betting world as I was brought up around racing, so I had no choice but to enjoy it!

I began my tipping service in April of last year giving out free tips on Instagram and the interest from people increasingly grew as they were very happy with the winners, I was providing them. I love the interaction with people over the racing and love trying to pick them out more and more winners. Then of September last year, I decided that I was going to a paid membership service and people could join my group at only £20 per month, which is the cost still as I feel it is very reasonable for the number of winners, I provide the group. I didn’t expect it to be so successful straight away, but it is gradually becoming bigger over the past 5 months with an increasing number of people joining. I spend countless hours every day studying the form for you guys as I want you guys to receive the best value tips possible.

My aim is to continue growing as a tipping service and to improve the number of winners I tip for my members, but this will only come with time as my knowledge continues to grow. I have stayed away from using ‘inside knowledge’ which many other tipsters claim to use, and this sets me apart from other people. All my tips are based on the form I have studied, so all the winner’s members receive is from me choosing the likeliest winner. I try to find races that I fancy bigger priced horses as I know the majority of my members are not interested in betting on short priced favourites. This means that I tend to tip slightly bigger priced horses but of course not all of them will win as the favourite may be too strong in some cases but overall my members are more than happy with this because I will find them double figure odds if they are patient. Horses aren’t machines so much appreciate that the form will not always stand up, but this does not stop me providing winners in the main and has led to me having a profitable group.

If you go and have a look at the Previous Winners section on my website, you can see my past record of some of the winners I have tipped over the past year. I like to think my tips are appropriate for all types of punters whether you stake £2 or £50 on a bet as you can use my tips differently, as singles or accumulators. If you haven’t done so, go and download my free download ‘Toms Top Secrets’, as this should help you find some winners. This will also give you a better understanding as to how I pick my tips and will guide you through what form to focus on when studying the race. I want to help you guys beat the bookies and you take their money which could turn into a nice hobby for you if your being successful earning some easy money on the side. This is how I’ve reached where I am with my tipping service and look forward to finding you those winners.


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