How to Place a Bet

I receive many messages from customers asking how they can place a bet? It is very simple and can be over complicated which makes it confusing for people. Here are some questions I receive for example; what is an accumulator/acca? how do the odds work? what is an each way bet? These are all common questions which the vast majority of people don’t understand.

To start with, all major betting companies like Skybet, Bet365 and William Hill are all very similar and the odds they have for each bet will differ very slightly. As you would have seen from my Previous Winners section, I use Skybet to place the vast majority of my bets on my tips as I prefer the simple layout of their bet slips and it is easy to read and look at the returns from that bet. It is all down to preference as to what betting company you use and so it don’t worry if you use a different one to everyone else.

Accumulators are a very good way of betting for customers who do not wish to stake a large amount of money on one bet. This is because accumulators are a bet which consists of multiple bets put into one. So, I may like 4 horses on a day, but they are at shorter odds of 4/5, 7/4, 2/1 and 11/8. These are short odds for people who only want to stake £2 on each bet. But if you were to put these 4 horses into a 4-fold (accumulator) then the odds of the accumulator coming in is 34.27/1. Therefore, if you placed a £2 win on the accumulator your returns would be £70.53. Although it is more difficult to pick 4 horses all to win it is a better value bet than putting £2 win on horses that a very short odds as your basically only be doubling your £2 in most cases.

Each way bets are very important within betting on horse racing. Each way simply means your horse needs to win or place to get a return. So, you win money if your horse you picked comes 1st, 2nd or 3rd depending on the number of runners in the race. If there are only 4 runners in a race, each way terms are not available. When there are 5-7 runners, each way is to two places. When there is 8-15 runners each way terms is to 3 places and if there are 16 or more runners each way is to 4 places unless it is a novice race. A novice race is race which only horses new to that discipline are allowed to run in.

Singles, doubles and accumulators are the most common of bets that people place on the horses. Each way bets are mainly used when the odds of a horse is greater than 5/1 otherwise it can be seen as pointless as you will still lose money if the horse places. When people try to find horses at a bigger price, it is sensible to use the each way terms because if it runs well without winning, you will still win some money. I would recommend to stick to these types of bets as they are very easy to understand and provide good returns on your bets.




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