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To make it easy for members to follow my tips, I use a points system to guide my members as to what are my strongest tips. My tips range from 0.5 to 5 points, with 5 points being my strongest tip and 0.5 points being my weakest bet. Therefore, if you only want to use one of my tips on any given day, this gives a guide as to what tip is most likely. Since my points system began on 1st September, my tips are +94.7 points as of 31st December. 1 point is equivalent to £1. Therefore, if you were to follow my points system exactly to the pound, you would be in profit of +94.7 in 4 months.

This allows the members to know what I strongly fancy out of my tips for that day. I sometimes post a NAP tip, which means my tip of the day. 3 out of the 4 months so far, my tips have been in profit and as my tips are all done of form picks, the form doesn’t always stand up meaning not all my tips are going to win of course because horses are not machines. This is where I differentiate myself from other tipsters as I do not claim to have ‘inside knowledge’ and I put hours into my research every single day to try and pick out the best value bets of the day. Just remember that a point is equal to a pound in this system and if you are to follow my tips using this comparison, then you find yourself in profit. This allows my tips to be suitable to all punters as you can choose to follow the tips using my comparison of a point is equal to a pound or you can choose to increase your stake if you’re feeling confident. So, do not worry if your only stake in small amounts is this perfectly acceptable as you’ll still make good profit following my tips.