What to do in lockdown

Tom's top horse racing tips

#1 Take a break from betting
This is a good time to recoup and come back mentally and physically stronger for when the racing returns in Britain and Ireland. It can become tiring studying the form and watching the racing every single day and it is rare that you get this opportunity to just take a break and step back from it all as it can become very addictive and take over your life. To truly understand the form you have to look at the results every day to follow who is running well and what trainers and jockeys are good to follow at that time, meaning you can’t take time off from it. I would try and resist gambling a lot on the foreign racing in America, Australia and Hong Kong at this time, as you won’t know a lot about the racing in these different countries and is very dissimilar to the racing we have in Britain. By all means it’s good fun to have the odd fun bet whilst we are in lockdown but make sure you save your pot for when the racing returns on the flat in Britain, fingers crossed for a restart in May!

#2 Reflect on your betting strategy
I would also take time to reflect on how you have gambled over the past year and look at where you had success and failures, to give you an idea of how you should gamble going forward. This should lead you to more profit as you eliminate some of your losing bets. You should try to identify racetracks and different types of races that you do better at and home in your skills into these races. So, whether you are more successful with 5f novice flat races, 1m4f handicap flat races or specialise at a course like Southwell or Ascot. Then try to stick your strengths and resist betting on races you’re not confident with.

#3 What different Racing Apps are there?
There’s lots of different racing apps for you to download, which is perfect at this time as everyone’s’ stuck at home. They all produce different type of content whether it’s blogs, articles or videos. This is perfect for you to increase your knowledge of racing and you can have a look at what is currently happening in the racing industry. You can download these apps all for free;


#4 Brush up on your Maths
Whether you use fractions or decimals on your betting account, it’s always useful to be accurate with your maths so you can work out your returns easily. I personally tend to use fractions as I have always grown up using fractions but I can also use decimals as its important to understand both so you can flip between the two. Therefore, when you need to quickly work out the odds on an accumulator or a simple double, you don’t need to struggle working it out. It is important to know comparative odds so for example, a 6/4 (fractional) bet is equivalent to 2.5 bet (decimal) and has a probability of 40%. An easy way to learn this is to make a table with these three conversions, which will help you further your understanding of gambling.  You can download my Evens table here.

#5 Watch memorable videos about your racing heroes
YouTube is perfect for watching videos of your favourite horses there has been. You’ll find this very helpful when it comes to studying races in the future as you will have more knowledge of the current horses. This is a great way to review the previous Cheltenham festival for example, and you could then plot out some horses you fancy for next year’s festival. This means you could get on ante post price which is much better value than you would get on the day. If you are an ante post bettor, this is a good way of putting horses in your tracker to follow for future races. However, if this is not for you as there’s too much risk involved, just watching Frankel’s or Sprinter Sacre races is a great way to spend time in lockdown reliving those incredible moments!





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